Kevin "Gaeel" Bradshaw-Rodriguez


Here are some projects I worked on. Some people would call this a "curriculum vitae". I'm not so sure...
Anyway, yes, it's mostly some gamey stuff, prototypey stuff, community stuff.
If you're looking for things that are pretty to look at, maybe check out my portfolio?
Or you can go back to my main page for contact details and more fun stuff...

Adventure game prototype

During a six month period in 2015 and 2016, I worked with a startup game studio, Ys Interactive, who were working on a prototype for a story-driven adventure game based on a series of graphic novels.
Using Unity, I built them some base systems for exploration play, story segments, and quick-time event action scenes.
I'm pretty proud of the tools I built for the artists and story-writers to be able to add and edit content, including a node-based system for cutscenes, dialogue and action.
Unfortunately no images of the actual project are available, since I'm told it's still mostly a secret!


My first solo commercial project!
It was a local multiplayer arena shooter, I learn a lot while making this, some things technical, and toward the end of the project, I learnt that if you don't advertise, you don't sell. Go figure!


An automatic texture packer for Löve2D
Artists like to make lots of pictures, computers like to have one big picture, and programmers like to make artists and computers happy, but without having to think too hard.
This solves that by packing all the images into a big atlas, and monkey-patching Löve2D so to the coder, it's as if nothing ever happened!
(It also adds animation stuff and can export its data for quickloading or use in other engines...)

Various projects, NaturalPad

NaturalPad is a company in the south of France that uses motion detection devices to help with physical therapy through the cunning use of fun games!
While I worked there I made Zether and Plume, both in Unity (Plume was originally a Löve2D prototype).
I also built some VR applications for in-house testing and and some architectural visualisation, and helped design and build the various tools and interfaces the therapists would use to configure the games for their patients. Working with NaturalPad was a lot of fun, being in touch with healthcare professionals and seeing novel applications for video games was very exciting!

Baptême du Jeu


Baptême du Jeu was a society in Montpellier France, founded by Wilbefast and your's truly, dedicated to introducing people to the joy of making video games, and providing the local game dev community with resources and opportunities.
This involved a lot of game jams, events in pubs with laptops, and micro-managing a Facebook group.
It was a lot of fun while it lasted, but people (including myself) eventually left the area in search for new and exciting adventures.