Kevin "Gaeel" Bradshaw-Rodriguez


I'm a game programmer and designer, a "multimedia" "artist", I like to make things that move, and I'm bad at writing words.
I can usually be found mucking about with computery things, either programming or building custom computer keyboards.
Otherwise, I like to hang out with my housemates, in close proximity to some decent beer and hot chips.

Here's how to get in touch:

I've worked on and participated in some projects, check them out maybe?

There's also my portfolio of moving pictures if you want more exciting eye-candy






My PGP identity is cross-referenced via my profile at
If you need to send me something private or need me to verify my identity to you, please get in touch using my public key.
On my keybase profile, you can use the 🔒 icon to encrypt a message to me, or the ✓ icon to verify a message I signed was really from me.

Photo credit

The background photo was taken by Eli Fessler during A Maze Berlin 2016.